Handmade Chocolate

Handmade Chocolate "Poop" Soap

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This dog poop soap looks SO REAL, you'll "get" everyone you try it on!! The best part... when you're done pranking, you can using it for washing! Sounds gross, but perfectly sanitary!! 

This bar of soap is 3.5 oz of good, clean fun!  They are colored with Cocoa Powder so they smell like chocolate. 

ONLY essential oils used for scent. NEVER artificial, chemically filled fragrance oils! 

INGREDIENTS of our Detergent free melt & pour soap:
Sodium Cocoate(coconut oil), Propylene Glycol (makes M&P soap meltable) , Sodium Stearate (the salt of Stearic acid), Glycerin, Water, Sorbitol (Humectant to retain moisture), & Cocoa Powder