Deez Nuts Soap

Deez Nuts Soap

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DEEZ NUTS may be hilarious, but it is also an amazing classic mixture of almond and warm honey notes. Honey almond is a wonderful clean scent and very unisex so works great for men and women.

This is a shave & shampoo multi purpose soap. Meaning, it can be used as hand soap, but is also lovely in the shower because it is very slick and lathery. Works fantastic as a beard wash, or for women when shaving legs.

Our signature Shave & Shampoo glycerin based soap is the perfect all-in-one soap for your sudsing needs. It is very smooth and bubbly, I promise that you'll love this! Since it's great for everything, just hold it in your hand and rub it all over yourself :) Our signature glycerin base includes added Argan oil, calendula extract, sunflower oil and aloe leaf extract. Pucks are 2.75" in diameter and fits perfectly in your hand.

Approx 3.6 oz .